ORTOPILOT Edition G7th Performance 3 Silver Capo

ORTOPILOT Edition G7th Performance 3 Silver Capo

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'The best capo I've ever used!' - ortoPilot

In association with G7th Capos, available is an ORTOPILOT branded high-end capo.

In-tune, buzz-free capoing.

G7ths award-winning capo for 6 string guitars is unlike any other guitar capo - its fast squeeze-on, squeeze-off action gives you complete control over the pressure placed on your strings, so you spend more time playing and less time tuning.

For a perfect fit on all of your steel six-string guitars.

Revolutionary ART string pad adapts to match ANY guitar neck for unrivalled tuning stability.

The only capo with G7th's ground-breaking Adaptive Radius Technology coupled with the Unique Tension Control system found on all Performance series capos.